Additional Information

Additional Information

A very basic piece of advice – Always have your passport or Identity Card with you.

Bank Account
Realistically, you will need a Greek Bank Account. To open an account you need your Tax Number and copy of your passport with you.

Bank Transfers

Each time you transfer money to Greece to your account there will be a pink slip issued by the Bank. It is extremely important to request and keep these as they are only issued once. They will be needed for the Tax Office for proof of source of funds.

Tax Declaration

Property owners are required to complete a tax declaration each year. It is advisable to employ a local accountant. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be liable to pay tax.

Property Tax

Only if the assessed tax value amount on the property is over 175,000 Euros for a single owner and over 350,000 Euros for a couple will you be required to pay annual property tax.

Municipal/Local taxes

Everybody is subject to local taxes. These are calculated with the electricity bill which is issued every 2 months. (which is a small amount) 


Although the crime rate is still comparably low in Greece and especially on Crete it is advisable to take out insurance against fire, flood, theft etc.

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