Building and/or Renovating

Building and/or Renovating

Planning Permission
According to Greek law, if a plot of land is outside the town plan and there are no forestry or archaeology restrictions planning permission is granted for a 4,000m2 minimum plot.

Permission can be granted within the planning zone or with frontage to a principal municipal road for plots of 2,000m2 or less. Inside villages and towns planning permission is usually granted for any plot. You are normally allowed to build on up to 70% of the ground area.

There are other rules governing commercial properties. Building permits can be obtained through registered architects or Civil Engineers and can take a minimum of 3 months to be issued.

Building Costs
All depending on the customers requirements taking into consideration materials, type of construction etc. As a rough guide on average renovation costs run from 600 – 700 Euro per /M 2. For a new build 1,000 to 1,200 Euro per /M 2.

Always make sure that you have a proper contract for building work with the builder and/or architect for your own protection. Check if IKA (Greek National Insurance) VAT and building permit costs are included in your contract

Architects/Civil Engineers
Unlike the rest of Europe they hold much more power here in Greece. Once they have obtained your building permit for you they are then responsible for signing off that the building is legal and that you can subsequently have utilities connected.


Building and/or Renovating


If your property has an existing supply it might not be a case of simply paying a re-connection fee. The electricity board now insist that a wiring diagram of the property must be produced. This can only be done by a qualified electrician and must be supported by a plumber’s certificate. You might also be asked to replace electric metre and/or fuse box and if there are any outstanding bills these must be paid before you are re-connected.

If there is no electricity supply to your property be prepared to pay (and in some cases, a considerable cost) for the supply to be brought in.

There are various factors involved but generally it is based on the distance from the nearest supply.

Usually easier to deal with than the electricity. But the same applies in that if there are monies owing you will be liable before re-connection takes place.

In the case of new connection to the public supply this can only be done by the authorised water supply representative for your village/area.

Sewage System
There is no central sewage system on Crete. Everyone has septic tanks.

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